About the artists and their work

We always select our artists by strict criteria. Feel free to read them here.

We select our artists, and they choose the works they want to sell. Nevertheless, we do moderate the content and it is possible that we may remove a work if its authenticity is questioned.

All the works on Autre Art are original artworks; they are not reproduced and further editions are not published by the artist.

An edition is when there are several copies of a work, such as in photography. An edition is the specific number of copies that has been created by the artist before the first sale, and this number will not change. For photographs, an established artist generally has an edition size of about 10 while a young photographer may have a larger edition size. In general, the smaller the edition size, the higher the price.

All artworks for sale on Autre Art come with a certificate of authenticity that is signed by the artist. Furthermore, all editions are numbered and signed by the artist.

A number of our artists accept commissions so please get in touch if the work you love is no longer available!

Working with us

Feel free to read our selection criteria here.

Our decision regarding your application will be sent 2-4 weeks after your application.

Absolutely! We believe that artists should have the freedom to sell their work wherever they would like. There is no exclusivity requirement with Autre Art, and you will be able to continue working with other galleries and online platforms.

We accept various artwork types. Paintings, works on paper, and sculptures are among the most popular mediums we have. 

No. Our dedicated sales team will take care of the shipping process, including all administrative procedures, liaison with shipping companies, customs requirements and fees as well as shipping costs, to ensure that each artwork is safely delivered to the client.


Work with us!